Toi Piki Kōtuku - Customised Artworks

Customised Artworks

We welcome discussions on customized artworks for any occasion, whether it be a celebration, a milestone or business specific gift. If this sounds like something you would like please contact our our team to discuss this in more detail.

Symbolism: Talk to our team about what the artwork will represent, discuss your favourite patterns, you might like special kaupapa enclosed in the artwork,

Mediums: The materials you would like your artwork created with, Harakeke, painted in acrylic, electronic design, mixed media, collage, printed, ink drawing, pencil sketch,

Colours: Most people know the colours they would like to capture within their artwork or whether to keep it natural, earthy. Alternatively, people seek inspiration from Seasons, Sun rises, sun sets, water, forests, land

Size: Consider the size that best suits your requirements, the space where it will be positioned, for ease of transporting - all of the considerations that work for you or the person receiving the gift.

Timeline: Please consider an appropriate timeframe for your desired taoka. Some art forms take longer than others and it is important to be realistic for the continued quality and artist availability.