MOKO PUNA │ About us

Traditionally Māori would look into PUNA (pool of water) and see the reflection of their MOKO (tattoo), the term MOKOPUNA describes grandchild/ren or descendants. As descendants are a reflection of their ancestors. We have used the play on the word MOKOPUNA separated to reflect ourselves and our business. Traditionally our ancestors would look into these pools to see the stars for guidance and navigation, so MOKO PUNA is about us and it is also about where we want to go to.


TOI means art, creativity, native and knowledge. ĀTEA translates to clear, free from distraction,  space of potential. TOI ĀTEA represents a space for us as a whānau to be creative together. We work with a variety of different mediums so ĀTEA signifies a space for creative potential where there are no limits.


Toi Ātea is our whānau business. We are passionate about te reo Māori, the environment, art, Rongoā and sharing our taoka. Toi Ātea was born out of love for being true to who we are and creating authentic, culturally appropriate and ethical gifts. 

Toi Ātea Limited® " the gift that keeps giving ".


Toi Ātea whānau live by our values. It is our values that keep us grounded and guide our creativity, decisions and our mahi.