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The prefix KAI- before a verb forms a noun denoting a human agent. TIAKI means to look after, to protect and keep safe. KAITIAKI can mean protector, trustee and guardian. We have included this term to represent our whānau who have created, developed and guide the journey of Toi Ātea. 



Nāia te Aitaka a Aoraki e matatū nei 
Tuituia taku pōkeka i kā kāwai whakapapa o Te Waipounamu 
Hāpenetia te pātiti e tēnei uri o Huirapa, o Hāteatea, o Tūāhuriri, o Te Ruahikihiki 
Hei whenu māku 
Nō rātou te kori, ko kori mai hoki ahau i kā tapuwae o rātou mā
Nei te mihi ki a koutou i raro i te korowai aroha.
Leisa has been a creative explorer her whole life, from her earliest creative memories as a toddler to the present day. She has learnt over the years that the best balance for a creative native is not to squeeze it in around family, work or other commitments. It is best to just provide space for it to flow and enjoy the journey. 
As Leisa prioritized her creative time, her time to research, and grow her skills and her time to on-share her learnings. She quickly understood that the more you create the more you are inspired to create.
Toi Ātea grew from starting and finishing the day with at least an hour of Toi. Towards the end of a year of Toi, and a few KOHA  aroha, it became apparent that the whānau could design, develop and grow our pākihi. Becoming more sustainable and doing what they love to do, as a whānau.
Enthusiasm, perseverance and a love for learning is something Leisa has balanced throughout her professional career, while raising a large whānau with her partner. Her creative strengths are diverse and grounded in culture in every way possible. Whether it is the uku pigments she paints with or the Symbolism in her artworks. Enjoyment comes from celebrating and elevating wherever her Tupuna have led and inspired. 
Leisa is thankful to her parents and whānau who raised her to be culturally connected, proud of whakapapa and dedicated in, all she is. Her father comes from Tuaefu and Safune in Western Samoa and her Hakui is Ngai Tahu, Kati Mamoe, Waitaha, Cornish, Scottish & Welsh.

Leisa Aumua 

BMVA Hns, Dip Tcg Sec, Post Grd Dip Educational Leadership

Founder & Operations Manager

Toi Ātea Limited®