Future proofing

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Inspiration comes from everywhere and as such, with all ideas they often require some developments into pushing boundaries or application or even product options. The challenge for us are the priorities in the the vision of our pahiki, next steps and as it is keeping the balance that works for us. So when it comes to future proofing our whanau business we also look at how this concept might work within keeping Papatuanuku clean and preserved for future generations.

Future proofing is not about profit and expansion it is about keeping our taoka friendly for the environment. We took active steps when we started to print on 100% recycled, to make sure our wrapping was 100% home compostable and that our business and home foot print was as minimal as we could make it.

Future proofing is about future generations and the legacy we leave behind while we maintain being active kaitiaki of the whenua while we are here. Future proofing is making sure our toi production is free of toxins, and our paa harakeke is spray free. 

For the past few years as we downsized our paa harakeke, plants were divided and on shared into our communities for kai raranga, kura, marae. Where possible the downsizing of our mara harakeke, for our mara kai was completed in the most holistic way possible. Knowing others would benefit from our sharing added to the joy of future proofing.

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