For the love of Designing

In recent months our design opportunities have been, as diverse as could be imagined. It is always exciting to meet with our client whanau to gain an understanding of their ideas, hopes and aspirations for their design, and how that design will be displayed, represented and utilised to maximise the long term purpose. 

We enjoy the process of being creative and this very much includes being a creative problem solver or gap filler. Providing our client whanau with options, being active throughout the design process and validating their voice in order to achieve results that empower the overall theme.

Whether we are creating a series of images for book illustrations, logo design, customized artworks or a collaboration art piece, it comes down to the balance of relationships and good communication. Remaining thankful for every learning opportunity, helps keep us grounded in the joy of "walking the talk and being true to our authentic selves". 

One of the questions we ask ourselves is... will this be something that my Tupuna ancestors would be proud of? Or is this something that my mokopuna grandchildren will be proud of? Family are the first to highlight the positives or the negatives, and I am sure we all know how that keeps everything real. 

Thankful and grateful for variety. 

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