balance colour inspiration journey painting pattern rongoa

Every shape, pattern and colour has definition and the way it is all positioned is about enhancing the korero within. Colour is our happy place, where we explore ways of bringing symbolism in our whakapapa to life with colours inspired by nature, whether it be a sunset or bush clad river. Some people shy away from colour and others are drawn to it. Ultimately we create our artworks with the colour range a person is wanting, or, we create with the colours that inspire. 

Colour reflects or emits light and some colours have the ability to make things seem bigger or smaller. when bold colours are positioned together it can sometimes create an illusion of movement - in the way our eyes rapidly move from one to another and back again. 

Our tupuna gifted us with creativity and every generation displays this in their own way. We will always be thankful for the gifts we have and knowing that it brings joy for the whanau we serve is an additional bi product. 

Rongoa can be a treatment, solution or a remedy. Colour for us is rongoa, it is a solution for restoring and calming the noise of a busy life. Taking time to paint, can often provide space to process a thought or an idea.  

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